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Don Gregorio Antigua
The son of Don Miguel Sanchez, his story was the proverbial rags to riches narrative. His life was tough but nothing like hard work made him what he was. He was a houseboy, a sailor, businessman, farmer, landowner and mayor.
After his death, the town, Taytayan, Borbon was renamed by presidential order,
Barangay Don Gregorio Antigua
(see map)
Eulogia Lumapas Antigua
She was the woman behind the man. She was the tall, quiet and dutiful wife characteristic of the the ideal matriarch during that era. Lola Ule also had a thriving tobacco trading business which she did on the side.

Dr. Benito Antigua & Mrs. Primitiva Paulin Antigua

Mrs. Matilde Antigua Sepulveda & Mr. Vicente Sepulveda

Atty. Domingo Antigua & Mrs. Teresita Ilano Antigua

Dr. Pablo Antigua & Mrs. Anne Johnson Antigua

Mrs. Leoncia Antigua Esmas & Col. Francisco Esmas

Mrs. Maxie Antigua Burgos & Mr. Ramon Burgos
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The Antigua Family
The Antigua Family
A Family Picture (1962)
Back Row-L to R- Doming, Leoncia, Maxi & Pabling
Front Row- L to R- Tilde, Lola Ule, Lolo Goyong & Bening

Reunion in 1992
L to R --
Maxi, Tilde, Bening, Doming, Pabling & Leoncia