Interesting Facts

1) Lolo Goyong and Lola Ule has a grand total of 6 children, 39 grandchildren, 52 great grandchildren and counting...

2) There are 5 grandsons named Gregorio and 2 granddaughters named Eulie. There are 2 grandsons in laws named Gregory.

3) Who should Inday Eulie marry but a man named Gregory.

4) In honor of Lolo Goyong, Tita Maxie and Tio Ramon wanted to name their children in such a way that the first letters of their name will spell "Gregorio". They only got to as far as "Gregor".

5) Maida, the oldest grandchild was born on March 8 and Teyet, the youngest was born guessed it--March 8! (Sorry, no year mentioned. Teyet will be livid if I revealed her birthyear)

6) Lola Ule shares the same birthday with Tio Bening on March 11 and Gerry & Polly shares the same birthday on February 5.
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